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1st ESO learning colours in Arts & Craft

We’ve added some English activites and vocabulary to the art curriculum for the 1st ESO. In this unit they’re learning about colour and the colour wheel, in English and Catalan. The childen learned the names for the colours in English using visual aids like songs and videos, and then separated them into the categories of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colours.


Each child is drawing their own colour wheel, and colouring with watercolour paints. On top of this, the children will stick small pieces of clothing to each colour segment, showing how many colours we see in real life.


To refresh clothing vocabulary in English the children completed an anagram worksheet, first unscrambling the words and then matching them to the correct images. From this worksheet they each chose a piece of clothing they would like to put on their colour wheel, and drew their own verson of this piece of clothing.


Arts and craft

Students of 1st level of primary have created and amazing artwork by cutting pieces of newspaper into squares. Here you can see their awesome mice.




Working with Jackson Pollock in 1st level

This term students of 1st level have been doing arts and craft in English. The artwork of Jackson Pollock and his individual technique has been one key themed studied by the students. They have created their own Pollock inspired pieces of artwork using his methods to achieve the desired look.

Digestive system

We’ve been studying the digestive system in 6th level. In order to understand the process of digestion we made a little experiment to show how the food travels through our body.We cut crackers and a banana which represented our food.

 We mixed it with saliva and crushed it into the mouth.

We passed the food through the esophagus.

We mixed it with gastric juices in the stomach.

From the stomach it passed to the small intestine where it mixed with bile and pancreatic juice.

All the nutrients from our food were absorbed by the blood vessels.

Then, the undigested food went to the large intestine.

There, the colon movements moved our waste and they became feaces which were expelled through the rectum and the anus.

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