English Day 2017

English Day 2017 was all about mystery, solving clues and learning about the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

From Infantil to ESO the children participated in a wide variety of activities and all of them in English!


The day began with 3rd and 4th ESO completing a research project about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

At 9am the children of ESO went down to Primary and Infantil to watch a Sherlock themed cartoon, before reenacting the story with puppets and images to aid understanding. When working together in groups of all ages, the children with higher levels of English were able to share their knowledge and a responsability in teaching the lower levels. By the end of the activity, everyone was able to underdstand the story and solve the mystery.

From here, ESO retorned to their classes and completed a day of Sherlock Holmes activities tied  into their regular classes.

The 1st and 2nd level has lots of fun drawing their own Guess Who characters, before playing the game against each other and asking questions in English to eliminate their opponents.

3rd and 4th watched and discussed a famous Sherlock Holmes story and also created a rap based on the characters. Each group was given  a key word to include in their lyrics and recorded singing along to a simple bass line. Once all the efforts were put together, they created their very own song about Sherlock Holmes.

For a more hands on activity, clues were posted all around the school for the children to discover. Working together to solve riddles and picture clues, the children were testing their English vocabulary as well as their critical thinking, moving around the school to find what they needed to solve the final puzzle.

From solving equations and code cracking in maths, to forensic science and fingerprinting, the children discovered the world of Sherlock Holmes and detective work through the ages, and got plenty of practice using English in real life situations. 


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